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We are a voluntary association of both hobbyist and professional beekeepers in South Africa.
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Become a NBA Member

When you apply for regular membership you'll become part of the broader beekeeping community. We welcome all hobbyist and professional beekeepers.

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Our Constitution

We are a public, no-profit organisation established for the sole object of promoting and advancing the science of apiculture, primarily in South Africa accessible to its members and the general public.

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Code of Conduct

We aim primarily to promote and advance the science of Apiculture within South Africa and to encourage the competency conduct amongst our members in their beekeeping activities.

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Upcoming events

Date Event Location
8 June 2024 SABIO AGM NWP
15 June 2024 Field Day: Ethical bee removals and rehoming of such
bees (Nico Grobler)
Mooiplaatzs, Pretoria Oos
20 July 2024 Bee Diseases: What we need to know Bhive, Kameeldrift Oos
17 August 2024 Field Day: Summer preparation, bee plants and eucalyptus trees
in Gauteng (Kevin Balkwin and LD van Essen)
Pretoria area
21 September 2024 Urban Beekeeping (Yolanda Loods and Dirk Ackermann) Bhive, Kameeldrift Oos
19 October 2024 Bee Products & Labelling and Product Legislation
(Marietjie, Maandla Raumbala & DALRRD Team)
Bhive, Kameeldrift Oos
16 November 2024 Year End Function To be Confirmed
Fun facts

The beauty of the honeybee

The pollinators

Honey bees are super-important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. This means that they help other plants grow! Bees transfer pollen between the male and female parts, allowing plants to grow seeds and fruit.

Her majesty

If the queen bee dies, workers will create a new queen by selecting a young larva (the newly hatched baby insects) and feeding it a special food called “royal jelly“. This enables the larva to develop into a fertile queen

Serious sense of smell

Each bee has 170 odorant receptors, which means they have one serious sense of smell! They use this to communicate within the hive and to recognise different types of flowers when looking for food.

Brilliant boogiers

To share information about the best food sources, they perform their ‘waggle dance’. When the worker returns to the hive, it moves in a figure-of-eight and waggles its body to indicate the direction of the food source.

Bee on flower

Learn more about the Honeybee

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We are a proud member of SABIO

The South African Bee Industry Organization or more commonly known as SABIO is a voluntary beekeeping association operating in terms of its Constitution.

It has a Board comprising members elected to run the organisation and to represent its interests to government and other stakeholders in the agricultural and trade industries.

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What our members say


Being part of the Northerns Beekeeping Association is like joining a large caring family. Experienced members freely share their knowledge and ideas to help new and aspiring beekeepers to become more confident and successful in their hobby. The WhatsApp group is an especially valuable tool as photos can even be sent from the apiary site if help or assistance is needed. More often than not, advice is received while still infield.

Inge Lotter

The Beeger Picture

I have just joined as a new member and enjoyed my first general meeting, Great bunch of knowledgeable and experienced people. I look forward to our next meeting, third Saturday of each month at Silverton Rugby Club.

Byron Brooker

About us

For us it's more than just bees and honey

The Northerns Beekeeping Association (NBA) is a provincial beekeeping body that supports and promotes all aspects pertaining to professional beekeeping within the Northern areas of Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and surrounds of South Africa.

The association engages in, and collaborates with, all partners and relevant stakeholders in activities that advance relevant research, sound beekeeping initiatives and projects, beekeeper training, skills development and support.

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